• Qualified Bank Officer
    (German Chamber of Industry & Commerce –IHK– Certificate)

  • Perennial dept. head in international major bank

  • 21 years experience in credit institutions (1979-2000)

  • Consulting company founder (2001)

  • Speaker / moderator at workshops / conferences

  • Lecturer for credit management

  • Several years of committee experience
    (i.a. supervisory board member for non-listed AG)

  • Business Consultant for small & mid caps (German Chamber of Industry & Commerce –IHK Akademie– Certificate)

  • Digital Transformation Manager (German Chamber of Industry & Commerce –IHK Akademie– Certificate)


  • Born 1963 in Bavaria,

  • Married,
    mother of two

  • Socially committed

  • Wide interests

  • Positive thinker

  • Travelled a long way

  • Tango Argentino fan

  • Animal lover

  • Nature enthusiast

Involved with heart and mind



The sunflower has accompanied me for many years. It stands for the summer sun and good mood. It can be small and shy or large and lavish, with many seeds for new growth.

The inflorescence of the sunflower is arranged in spirals whose number is specified by the so-called Fibonacci series. Already around 800 years ago, Leonardo Fibonacci described mathematical growth patterns in the nature.

With its flower head type, the sunflower achieves the optimal luminous efficiency.

Consulting made in Germany.