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 >> Business consulting that adds value

Seeking advisory support?

I advise companies resp. their committees in connection with financing strategy and alternatives incl. structured and asset based finance, tokenization and further new developments, potential business partners, finance communication as well as digital transformation.

Corporate finance & structured finance transactions and programmes with high complexity bind important resources. In critical phases, I will bring you:

additional capacity

more than 40 years of international financial markets know-how

a huge network


​​In a nutshell – more entrepreneurial strategic options for you!

 >> Business consulting that adds value

My consultancy approach is holistic, with a view to the people and targets behind the figures.


I will support you in the identification and implementation of intelligent financing solutions which can also be independent of banks resp. credit standing,

in contacting eligible business partners, negotiations on equal footing, development of new products/services,

due diligence, transformation processes, compliance, events and many more,

project-specific and happily also for the longer term.


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Consulting made in Germany.