Topics from A to Z

ABCP – asset backed commercial paper

ABF asset based finance

ABL – asset based lending

ABS – asset backed securities

AIF – alternative investment funds

Alternative lending / alternative investments

Asset resp. deal sourcing / servicing

Bank-independent financing solutions


Bridge financing

CLO – collateralized loan obligations

Committee support (supervisory board, advisory board)

Compliance culture

Corporate finance

Credit enhancement

Debt capital instruments

Debt funds – loan funds

Digital assets – digital securities

Due diligence for assets and corporates

Ethical, sustainable, green finance

European funding initiatives for small & mid caps and structured finance

Finetrading – purchase, warehouse and inventory financing

Fintech / insurtech / proptech … financing


Fund securitisation, fund debenture

Investor relations management support / financial communication

Invoice discounting, factoring a.o. receivables financings

Liquidity improvement

Loan notes (secured/unsecured)

Loan platforms / market places and crowdfunding / crowdinvesting

MBS – mortgage backed securities

Mezzanine a.o. subordinated financings

Mittelstand financing incl. mini bonds and microfinance

MPL ABS – market place lending securitisation

Private debt

Private equity, venture capital

Regulatory aspects

Reporting improvement

Risk management – operational, liquidity and portfolio risk

Schuldscheindarlehen – loan notes

Securitisation with/without tranching

SSL – senior secured loans

STO - security token offering

Structured covered bonds

Structured finance transactions / programmes

Sukuk – Shariah compliant certificates

Supply chain finance



Working capital management

Zoom in future prospects


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